K2 training ... DAY ONE!

It is humbling ... always ... to begin training after a few months of rest.   Today, my first day of training for #K2 was no exception.  I've trained for expeditions many times, but this time at the suggestion of my coach, Scott Johnston at #uphillathlete, I decided to start things off with some data! 

This morning I completed an aerobic efficiency test at #realrehab in Seattle.  The intention of the test is to determine the heart rate at which my body shifts from burning fat for energy to burning carbohydrates.  This is important for endurance athletes because our bodies run out of carbs before fat so when I burn fat, I'm able to climb longer.  As I'm training, it's also key to exercise below this threshold heart rate in order to build an aerobic base and to become more efficient at burning fat.  

Plus, who doesn't want to burn as much fat as possible!?