K2 Strength Training - Day 1

Strength training is an integral part of every training plan because it forms the basis for endurance.  Now that I have spent 6 weeks building an aerobic base, I'm ready to add strength.  This combination will prepare me for big days on K2.  The first day of strength training included:  pull-ups, push-ups, box steps, side planks, kayakers and sad puppy eyes from Chevy because we weren't playing in the mountains. 

Spectacular day for a run!

On days like today, when it is unseasonably sunny and cold in Seattle, I can't help but be outside.  Today's training for #K2 includes a long run followed by strength training.  My preferred running route borders Lake Washington and meanders through neighborhood parks.  The highlight for me is the marina in the attached video.  It comes about 5 miles into my run, at a point when I'm ready for some encouragement so I imagine that the masts are cheering me on as they sway in the breeze.  If I'm still looking for more incentive, I stare at Mt. Rainier in the distance.  For me, it's key to find these cues to boost my motivation during a tough workout.


Fueling in the mountains is critical, especially on long days.  I'm always looking for something that is calorie dense, easy to eat - even if it's frozen - and yummy.  Today I tried #barinthejar which is made by a local Seattle company.  I t think I'm in love!  I ate the first jar before I even got to the trailhead (check the yummy box).  Both the bars and jars are about 300 calories (check), and all natural.  The jars only contain 8 ingredients (and the first one is cacao :)).  Best of all, I didn't get a stomach ache and felt like I had enough energy for a long day in the mountains.  Check them out!

Windy Day on Tiger Mountain

I've hiked up Tiger Mountain probably a hundred times, today's conditions were windier than expected, which I think is a good reminder that we should never become complacent in the mountains.  No matter how comfortable we become with a particular peak or route, the mountain is always in control, and often very fickle.


The importance of recovery

I am grateful to work with the talented coaches at #uphillathlete. In addition to pushing me, they often ensure that I give myself the time to recovery properly.  Check out the article below for their advice ... my 2017 resolution?  More naps!


Tips to Aid Recovery

Giving recovery it's fair due in endurance training. As endurance athletes we labor under a nearly constant burden of fatigue, because training for endurance requires that you exceed your current work capacity in your workouts. The muscle damage and depleted energy stores that accompany fatigue are also the two most powerful training stimuli, and are most endurance athlete's constant companions.