Base camp day 2 ... what did I eat?

July 1, 2018

I was super proud of myself for making it to basecamp without getting sick.  And, then I was laying in my tent around 5pm last night, and started to feel a stomach ache, I debated for a few minutes whether it was just a passing thing or something more.  It was something more.  I drug myself to dinner, and positioned myself close to the door incase I had to make a quick exit.  I could only force down a few spoonfuls of soup before I darted back to my tent.  The rest of the night was very unpleasant and I still can't believe how bad I felt, and how quickly it came on.   I don't know what I ate, but my body violently wants it out of me.

Photo:  Takayasu Senba

Photo:  Takayasu Senba

On the bright side, we are able to see the mountain for the first time today and as I expected it's daunting and omnipresent. And big.  Really big. 

At this point I can't even imagine climbing, but I need to just take things one day at a time, and do everything that I can to stay healthy and take care of myself.  That's my plan :)