June 24, 2018


Today the team hiked 12 miles (19 km) along the Indus River from the village of Askole to the even smaller village of Johla. Our elevation for most of the day was about 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) and I am thankful for what will probably be the only 'flat' day for the next month.  I could feel the elevation on the few, short steep sections of trail.  I've been told that your body remembers the feeling of being oxygen deprived and each time adapts more quickly, but so far my body seems slow to remember.

I'm also thankful that it has been cloudy, and even a little rainy, which I think is much better than the typical hot and dusty.  This a beautiful but very rocky place, I could rarely take in the views because I was too focused on not twisting an ankle. Along the way I stopped to smell the wild rose bushes growing along the trail.  I wonder when I will be able to smell roses again?  I picked one and tucked it in my pocket to remind me in a few weeks of the scent.