The journey begins today!

It's 6:49 am in Islamabad, and the hot sun is streaming through the curtains of my hotel room window.  I can already tell that it's stifling outside, but I'm happy for the clear weather because it means that we will be able to fly this morning from Islamabad to the village of Skardu.  Flying is much preferred to a 40 hour bus ride.

So, the journey officially begins today and I want to thank everyone who loved, supported and encouraged me so far.  Your kind words, willingness to hike at 5am in the rain, smiles, and hugs mean a tremendous amount to me now, and will become even more important to me on the mountain.  Thank you.

Wifi will become less reliable after today, so this may be my last blog post for a while, but I will be posting short messages and GPS tracks here: