Camp 2

Camp 2 - 21,450 feet

Today K2 reminded us that she is in charge. There were about 6 inches (15 cm) of fresh snow at camp 1 when I woke up this morning. Six inches isn’t enough to prevent us from climbing, but because our movement depends on another team whose tents we’re sharing, we waited for a couple of hours to be certain that they were moving up the mountain so that we could occupy the tents they vacated at camp 2. Thankfully, after many radio conversations in English and Nepali we confirmed that they would climb to camp 3 today.

When we began climbing it was snowing lightly but within an hour that changed to full-on blowing for the next three hours. I was quickly wearing all of my extra layers and still chilled, but not cold. Although there is only a thin layer of nylon separating me from the weather outside, I feel comfortable and warm in this cramped tent.

Fingers crossed that the mountain allows us to climb the black pyramid to camp 3 tomorrow!