Summit rotation begins

July 17th - Advanced base camp

The summit rotation.  It's hard to believe this is happening.  Aside from some nasal congestion, I feel strong physically. Mentally I still waiver. And I am really, really trying to focus on only the things that I have to accomplish today.  Sometimes I have to filter my focus to just the things that I have to accomplish in this moment.

Klara - my amazingly strong and  positive Czech partner - and I decided to spend one night at ABC again on our way to camp 1.  The rationale is the same as the last time:  it allows is to sleep higher on the mountain and eliminates the need to depart base camp at 3 am (as we would do if we climbed from BC to C1 in one push). Mostly my decision was based on sleep. 

Despite hours of packing and discussing gear at base camp, Klara and I both forgot that our eating utensils are at camp 1, while we’re thousands of feet below at ABC.  Klara, ever resourceful, scrounged around the rocks and snow last night until she found two discarded tent stakes, which are now our spoons: