I am not in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, my plans to climb K2 this summer did not come together.  While I am deeply disappointed, I believe that resilience is about being able to gracefully overcome the unexpected, which is important in the mountains and in life.  I also have to remember that I have experienced both amazingly good and disheartenly bad things in my life.  I firmly believe that all things - good and bad - happen for a reason.  Sometimes the reason isn't immediately visible to me, but it is there.

So, my plan is to continue moving forward, toward K2 in 2018.  This additional time will, no doubt, prepare me for success as I will have the opportunity to climb some exciting peaks between now and then.  Stay tuned!

I am very grateful for the loyalty of SYSTANE and their eager willingness to support my K2 2018 dream.  You guys are incredible partners!

Finally, best of luck to the teams attempting K2 this year - I am looking forward to following your safe and successful climbs.