Hello, Hypoxico!

Less than two months (yikes!) until I depart for Pakistan, so it's time to begin some hypoxic training.  The idea is that by training while breathing air with a lower oxygen concentration than ambient air, my body will begin the acclimatization process now, thereby making my transition to altitude easier on the mountain.  There are many opinions about whether hypoxic training is effective for climbing a big mountain like K2 or Everest.  I believe that it has helped me acclimitize in the past; however, I am always cautious of compromising recovery.  Daily training requires daily recovery, usually in the form of sleep (yay, sleep!).  My experience is that sleeping in a hypoxic tent lessens my body's ability to recover sufficiently when I am training hard.  So, a good compromise for me is to run on the treadmill while breathing hypoxic air and monitoring my oxygen saturation.   Hello, Hypoxico!