Back in Kathmandu

04 November

I woke up today at 18,000 feet, snuggled inside a minus forty degree sleeping bag while wearing a layer of down clothes, and now am wearing a dress and flip flops at 3,000 feet.  How crazy it is to move so quickly from one extreme environment to another. 

I am back in Kathmandu, not according to schedule, but because my lungs are tired and not interested in continuing to climb.  I am sad and frustrated, but I have to listen to my body, and right now it is telling me that I need to rest.

Shortly after summiting Tharke Khang, congestion started to settle in my lungs, and even taking a short walk at advanced base camp became laborious.  I was actually worried by how quickly it came on, and by the funky sounds that my lungs were making when I exhaled, but thankfully it appears to just be an infection.  My plan is to rest, enjoy Kathmandu, and make a final decision about climbing Ama Dablam tomorrow.


Prayer Flags in Thamel, Kathmandu

Prayer Flags in Thamel, Kathmandu