Tharke Khang base camp!

I was eager to get moving this morning, to see how my legs and lungs would respond to a little exercise.  It was a leisurely walk from the Gokyo Resort and Bakery, which is located at the fourth lake in the Gokyo valley to the fifth lake, which is where we've made base camp.  

Check it out:

Why is Tharke Khang unclimbed?  The Nepalese Ministry of Tourism grants permits to climb peaks within Nepal.  Historically many peaks were off limits.  In 2014, likely as a way to attract climbers back to the region after a deadly avalanche on Mt. Everest, the Nepalese government opened 104 previously off-limits mountains; Tharke Khang is one of them.  This doesn't mean that someone didn't climb without permission, but I don't believe this is the case, we'll know more when we get to the mountain.

Our extraordinary Sherpa team has already begun scouting the route to from base camp to advanced base camp (ABC),  the plan is for everyone to join them tomorrow.