Nepalese Travel

I don’t always understand how it works, but I am always amazed by how well travel logistics come together in Nepal.  Because it is far different from the scheduled, published plans in the US, traveling in Nepal can be stressful and unnerving sometimes.  Today, after a short sleep in Kathmandu, I traveled by myself via car, fixed wing aircraft, and helicopter to Gokyo.  Along the way I was looked after by the company Himalayan Guides, who somehow ensured that there was a smiling face waiting for me at each new location.  My bags didn’t always travel with me, but when I arrived in Lukla (where I transitioned from fixed wing to helicopter) they were waiting for me on the corner of the helipad, and the heli pilot somehow knew that they were mine.  It probably helps that there aren’t many blonde American women around ;) 


To recap, I have traveled from sea level to 15,600 feet in 36 hours.  Adjusting quickly to such a jump in altitude was one of my biggest concerns about this trip, and so far (fingers crossed), I’m feeling good.  That’s not to say that my body isn’t reminding me that it is stressed by the altitude, but so far my appetite is strong (today I ate: croissant, omelette, chocolate doughnut, yak burger with fries, garlic soup, spaghetti, more garlic soup, chocolate cake), and I don’t have a headache.  Fingers crossed that I continue to feel strong when I trek to base camp (16,500 feet) tomorrow.